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Custom Sandbox Covers


custom cover, sandbox cover, green, shadecloth

sandbox, cover, clean, custom, green

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sandbox, cover, blue, custom


Let us make you a Custom Sandbox Cover, your choice color, size, fabric, shape and style. Notches and cutouts are no problem for us! You can order your custom sandbox cover made in shadecloth or mesh - to let the water pass through, or a waterproof vinyl to keep the water out. These coverings for your sandbox are easy to throw over your box when not in use to keep the animals and debris out and the sand clean for your child. If you have a box that has cutouts or notches, or has a unique shape, don't fret! We can make that custom sandbox cover for your play set. We also make fort roof covers, fort tarps and canopies to give your child  playground shade.

Below on this page you'll find Price and Fabric

The covers roll back easily for use. Otherwise they keep the sand free from leaves, branches and animals. Order your Custom Sandbox Cover:
Custom Sizes - Custom Colors - Custom Fabrics - Custom Shapes - Custom notches.

Optional set of 4 bungie balls + screw eyelets sell for $7.00 and allow for a quick, reliable method of securing the cover.

I'd like a quote on my cover!

We can make up a Custom Cover for your sandbox, backed by 20 years experience and  a  reasonable price.

We can make covers with cutouts for diggers, poles and other obstacles. For the more customized covers, we sometimes need a plastic template. The blue cover to the left shows a cover made off a template. Chain was sewn in the perimeter to weight it down.


For those who want to keep the animals out and let the rain in, we have a variety of meshes and shadecloths.
For those who want dry sand the year around, try our heavy vinyls.

Covers come with an optional quick attachment set. Example price charts are listed further down on the page.

Look at our gallery below, then just email us for a custom quote on your box.

More playground  sandbox accessories.

Custom Sandbox Covers

Fabrics for our Covers

Awntex Shadecloth

 Below you see our colored shadecloths. On the top of the 2 charts are the 90% fabric colors.
The 70% fabric colors are given on the bottom of the 2nd chart.
90% Awntex shade cloth fabriccolor, chart, awntex, shadecloth, 70% 

18 oz Poly-Vinyl Waterproof Fabric

18 oz poly-vinyl sandbox waterproof dry sand

Black 70% Shadecloths 

Sandbox Cover, Custom sandbox cover, mesh fabric 70%

Quality Shadecloth 70% Green or Black

Sandbox Cover,Custom sandbox cover, shadecloth fabric 70%

Look below to find examples of prices for different covers. Then just contact us with the outside dimensions of your own box and your choice of fabric for a custom quote. We can easily add notches for those of you with tree forts. If you can describe your box, we can usually cover it! If you want the cover to overhang, add a couple of inches in each dimension.

I'd like a quote!
We also make Canopies and tire swing covers. Just email us with your size preference for the canopy. The swing covers are $75.00 for a standard tire in your choice fabric.

Contact us now.
Sandbox Cover,Shade canopy for sandbox, Custom sandbox cover playset, Custom sandbox cover, swing cover,sandbox  

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